Teen Pregnancy Glamorized?

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to go back to days where girls were shipped off and damn near forced to give babies up for adoption, but is society laying the ground work for girls to think it is ok to get pregnant as minors and teenagers? The more teens see it in their face the more acceptable it becomes. Plants the seed so to say. “Oh all these teens are okay and they had sex and became parents, It wont be a big deal if I do too.” I feel like these shows have good intentions and were meant to show teens why they shouldn’t get pregnant so young, but I think they missed the point. When these mothers are with their children, we rarely ever see them unhappy. I think that a lot of young girls would look at these teen moms and wonder if having a baby themselves would make their lives better or make them happier. When I watch these shows I always find myself ranting about how adorable the babies are. I am no teenager, but I am sure when young girl watch this show they do the same. I can understand watching these shows and wanting to have my own baby.
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One Response to Teen Pregnancy Glamorized?

  1. I think there are far too many shows that glamorize pregnancy. Some of the shows even make it seem like being a parent is an easy task. And real mothers and fathers know thats not the case.
    I think there are some shows that provide information to young teens about sex and pregnancy but then have gone too far. The reality shows all do that but the one show that is considered a “family show” and is on the ABC Family network is “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”
    I watch this show with my girls. The first year the show was on the air, i think they did a great job of showing the hardships that teens face when becoming pregnant. this year however I think that they have gone too far. Showing teens in bed together having sex is just not something that i want to see on TV. I know teens will be teens and they will have sex but I know that I don’t want to see or hear about it.
    I do think that its important though to provide our teens with the proper education about such things, and it should come from parents not tv shows.


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