Kids on Leashes, Dogs in Strollers?

I was unsure of what to write about this week. However, while I was walking through the mall with some friends, I saw a woman walking with her child on a leash. I found this to be absolutely absurd. Women are putting their dogs in strollers and children are being walked on leashes? What kind of world are we living in?

It is understandable that mothers want to teach their children how to behave well. Personally, I think that if a child is wandering around, it is up to you to keep your eye on them, run after them, and teach them not to do those things. These are the basic skills of parenting. When you treat a kid like an animal, chances are they will behave like one. Manufacturers of these child harnesses have begun to attach backpacks to the leashes that have stuffed animals on them. Is this trying to make the child feel like less of a pet and more like a child?

37-year-old Melissa Catherine Smith-Means caused an uproar on the internet when she dragged her child on a leash through a Verizon store, and someone caught it on tape.

While leashes are accepted worldwide as a means of restraining animals, should we allow them to be used on humans? And to add to the craziness, I often find myself going up to a stroller to see what the baby looks like and finding myself staring at a dog. I use to find it cute when I would see a woman walking around with a small dog in her bag, but a stroller is getting a little out of hand. Aren’t dogs supposed to be walking on all fours and getting their exercise? I can’t help but think about what our world is coming to. Children are not pets and pets are not children.

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3 Responses to Kids on Leashes, Dogs in Strollers?

  1. fll706 says:

    I am someone who has no patience for bad parenting, and I am also not too fond of children, mostly because they are badly parented. I work in a grocery store, and I often see and here absurd things, such as a mother trying to take something away from their kid momentarily so I can ring it up and them saying “I need to give this to the lady, is that OK?” Um, the last time I checked, adults did things and children listened. As a child I was extremely well-behaved and polite, probably because my grandparents played a huge roll in raising me and they were pretty old school. So, kids on leashes? Not ALL bad. You have to admit, there are some crazy kid-snatching people out there, and they are less likely to try it if the kid is physically attached to an adult. Beyond that, I find them unnecessary- if you can’t keep track of a kid, don’t have one.

  2. When I first read this I thought oh my gosh you saw the same kid on a leash as I did at the mall. I was horrified in seeing this. I was in the mall earlier in the week when I saw a mom dragging her kid through the store on a leash. I never liked those things when my kids were little I had 3 little ones. newborn, two and four and I never used a leash to keep my kids under control.
    What made this worse situation I saw even worse is when the mom thought it was cute to play with the child. She was treating him and talking to him as if he was a puppy. the boy thought it was a great game. ok maybe it is a game to the child and help keeps him under control. But holding his hand would have done the same thing. The mom didn’t have any other kids.
    I don’t know who got bored of playing dog on a leash first the mom or kid. The next thing I see is the young boy maybe 3, no longer being held on the leash. He still have the leash on but mom had dropped it and was off looking at something in the store. Meanwhile the boy was busy climbing up and down a ladder that was out for the store employees to put stuff on shelves. I watched this for a good 5 to 10 minutes. A first I feared the boy would fall off the ladder. Then as I watched him climb up and down the ladder mom wasnt even in the same isle as the boy. The leash got caught on a peg for hanging items on.
    It was then that I had to intervene. I don’t normally do that. But if I hadn’t done that the boy could have gotten seriously hurt. I went over to the little boy and asked where his mom was. I guess that was enough to get her to look where her son was because she started calling his name then came over to where he was.
    The mom looked at me with a look of why are you talking to my kid?? I said to her your son could have gotten hurt from climbing up and down his leash got caught on a peg. She grabbed her kid and walked away like I was going to kidnap her kid. She didn’t even thank me for getting her sons leash off the peg.
    I was with my sister in law at the time so we both started making comments about what just happened. I’m sure it didn’t make a difference to the lady as she just kept on shopping and playing with her kid like he was a dog.

    I have seen people who carry their animals as if they are kids. I think that is just as bad as a kid on a leash. Maybe worse because many times the people with animals in strollers have kids with them. One that should be in strollers. I wonder what’s going on with this world too.

  3. I have a 18 month son, and I can 100% confirm that I’ve never nor will I ever use one of the leashes on him! I feel its lazy and looks funny, plus gives people a reason to stair. As a parent it’s our responsibility to teach our children good listening skills and behavior, as well as trust and you can not gain that when you have them on a leash in public.When I take my son to the mall we have a stroller and he spends time in it. But he does also get some time out of the stroller so that he can get used to walking around with me holding my hand or even waiting in line. Everything is a learning process with children as well as the parents. A parent who uses a leash on there child represents to me a parent who currently does not nor will have any control over there child. As for people with dogs in strollers I feel that they are extremely wrapped up in there pets and they have nothing better to do with there money in this economy!

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